Grandma's Hands Outreach works collaboratively with community agencies that provide aide and services to grandparents and grandchildren.

* Kinship Care
* Georgia Senior Legal & Relative Caregivers Hotline(404-657-9915)
* Atlanta Legal Aid Society (404-524-5811)
* Department of Human Services
* Atlanta Regional Commission(404-463-3324)
* Age Wise Connection
Metro Atlanta Hotline (Referral Counselors 24/7)
* Project Healthy Grandparents @ Georgia State University (404-303-5123)
* United Way
and many more...


* National Center for Grandparents raising grandchildren

Division of Child Support Services


About Us


"Helping Grandparents Raise Grandchildren"

Education Training

Grandma's Hands Outreach  provides education, skills and training to grandparents who are in need of computer skills to navigate the internet, fill out online forms, review school attendance and records, etc. Grandparents are educated and updated on current polices, news and information relative to them raising their grandchildren.


A Non-Profit Organization (501c3)

Grandma's Hands Outreach is an agency that provides support groups and resources to aide grandparents who are raising grandchildren while collaboratively working to bridge the gap through outreach with other community agencies in the metro Atlanta area.
Grandma's Hands Outreach organizes and hosts support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren. The group consists of grandparents who are seeking to share their own personal experiences of raising their grandchildren, offer moral support to other grandparents, share resources and develop a system of trust and support. The support groups are held at community locations within Fulton County. 

If you are interested in donating space to host a support group within your community and/or make a donation for snacks, please contact us. Grandma's Hands Outreach is a Non-Profit 501c3 agency. All donations are tax deductible.